Client benefits

Locally anchored, nationally active, globally networked

With around 100 locations across Switzerland, we are both locally anchored and nationally connected at once. We are familiar with regional needs and regulations, understand how to react to these particular circumstances and are always where our clients need us to be. We ensure personal contact with official agencies and authorities and prioritise straightforward communication with partners on site. As a group, our international focus also affords us more opportunities for innovation and development.


We understand multitec. Cross-trade collaboration from a single source.

One unique client benefit in particular is our collaborative multitec approach. This entails the involvement of several trades or areas of Bouygues Energies & Services in Switzerland in one project with superordinate responsibility. This cross-trade collaboration is our unique strength.

  • Teams that combine their specialised expertise and contribute to projects in a coherent manner
  • Responsibilities that are clearly defined
  • National projects that are implemented to a consistently high standard

National Projects Service Center
Centralised building technology services

As a building technology services provider, we coordinate client services at around 100 branches in Switzerland via a central coordination hub. This hub is our National Projects Service Center – the interface between our clients and the various service branch offices.

Many companies are looking for a building technology service provider for the whole of Switzerland for cost and efficiency reasons. Our National Projects Service Center coordinates your projects:

  • across Switzerland
  • across trades;
  • in three of Switzerland’s official languages.

A framework service agreement for your branches throughout Switzerland can include the following services:

  • Repairs – maintenance/inspection
  • Faults
  • 24/7 call-out service
  • SPoC (Single Point of Contact)
  • Reporting
  • Facility management

The National Projects Service Center will oversee your project at every stage, from execution to final reporting and invoice control. Thanks to our many years of experience with national projects, we have been able to continuously improve the efficiency we provide to our clients by looking for synergies and ways to optimise processes.

With our around 100 locations, we are able to combine central coordination with the accommodation of local needs and peculiarities. A reliable, expert partner for services throughout Switzerland.